Santa is coming to Verplanck!!
By Chief Roberto Rosario
November 10, 2022

The Verplanck Fire Protective Association will be holding our Annual Santa Run, on Sunday December 4,2022 starting at 10AM we will bring Santa Claus around the district to spread some holiday cheer to our community.

Please check our website and Facebook for more information and updates. If you live on a dead end street please try and meet us at the closest main road.

We will also be lighting our tree outside the Verplanck firehouse December 4 at 6pm. Please come join us for a fun day filled with holiday joy

On behalf of the Officers and Members we wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season!!

Route: Coachlight Square Complex

Kingsferry Rd. (From Coachlight to Riverview ave)

Riverview Ave

Steamboat Dock

Broadway From Riverview to 5th St.

5th Street from Broadway to Westchester Ave

Westchester Ave from 5th St to 6th St

6th Street from Westchester Ave to Broadway

Broadway from 6th street to 8th street

8th street from Broadway to Westchester ave

7th street from Westchester ave to Broadway

Broadway from 7th street to 10th street

10th street to James street James st from 10th to 13th street

13th street James to Broadway

Broadway from 13th to 16th street

16th street to Manor Lane

14th street from broadway to Westchester ave

Westchester ave from 14th street to 8th st

11th street from Broadway to Highland ave

Highland ave from 11th to 9th street

9th street from Highland to Broadway

8th street from Broadway to Highland ave

6th street from Highland to Broadway